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Bar, Bat and Kabbalat Mitzvah - Upcoming and Recent



• Abigail Perlmutter, daughter of Adam and Jessica Perlmutter, February  4
• Leah Burd, daughter of Laura Schiavo and Stephen Burd, February 18
• Micah Kimelman-Block, son of Devorah and Jason Kimelman-Block, March 4
• Rebecca Hyman, daughter of Neil and Rachel Hyman, March 11
• Azariah Shashoua, son of Yvonne Shashoua, March 18
• Eloise Melsky Linden, daughter of Michael Linden and Rebecca Melsky, April 22
• Lev Werbow, son of Rabbi Michael and Melissa Werbow, April 29
• Lyla Kofner, daughter of Aaron Kofner and Anat Shahar, May 6
• Mia Strollo, daughter of Michael and Michelle Strollo, May 13
• Eitan Shelef, son of Deborah and Noam Shelef, May 20
• Hannah Zibel, daughter of Renee Gindi and Alan Zibel, June 3
• Penelope Anderegg, daughter of Lisa Fogel Anderegg  and Timoth Anderegg, June 10
• Sophia Shettler-Marx, daughter of Jaclyn Shettler and Aaron Marx, June 24
• Asa Doherty, son of Robyn Altman and Brendan Doherty, September 2
• Nathan Turner, son of Allison and Daniel Turner, October 14


• Dinknesh Friedman, daughter of Naomi Friedman, April 2
• Alison Acosta, daughter of Luis Acosta and Karen Levin, April 9
• Leora Blumenthal, daughter of Gideon and Lisa Blumenthal, May 7
• Miriam Torrey-Coffidis, daughter of Adrienne Torrey and Joel Coffidis, May 21
• Hadar Apostolou, daugther of Aliza Marcus and Andrew Apostolou, June 18
• Amelia Goldberg, daughter of Sara and Josh Goldberg, September 3
• Anais Stackel, daughter of Genevieve Sapir and Gregory Stackel, September 17
• Micah Bailin, son of Heike and Sidney Bailin, October 22
• Llewellyn Craig, child of Laura and JC Craig, October 29
• Asher Meytin, child of Rachel and Sarah Meytin, November 12
• Ilana Handwerker, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Handwerker, December 17


• Hillel Tulchin, son of Allan and Judy Tulchin, January 9
• Adam Kofner, son of Aaron Kofner and Anat Shahar, February 6
• Lorelei Gryziak, daughter of Richard Gryziak and Leigh Verbois, March 20
• Bella Gotthelf, daughter of Michael Gotthelf and Rachel Vile, April 10
• Miriam Turner, daughter of Allison and Daniel Turner, April 24
• Ezra Zibel, son of Renee Gindi and Alan Zibel, May 8
• Helen Moorehead, daughter of Alex Kincannnon and Paul Moorehead, May 15
• Nathan Liebman, son of Lis Davis and Dan Liebman, May 29
• Raffi Diamond-Berman, son of Jane Berman and Adam Diamond, June 5
• Adam Riker, son of Danielle Glosser and Howard Riker, June 19
• Rachel Pitlick, daughter of Joshua Pitlick and Janet Blank, November 6

Wed, August 17 2022 20 Av 5782