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Bar, Bat and Kabbalat Mitzvah - Upcoming and Recent


 Hillel Tulchin, son of Allan and Judy Tulchin, January 9
Adam Kofner, son of Aaron Kofner and Anat Shahar, February 6
 Lorelei Gryziak, daughter of Richard Gryziak and Leigh Verbois, March 20
 Bella Gotthelf, daughter of Michael Gotthelf and Rachel Vile, April 10
 Miriam Turner, daughter of Allison and Daniel Turner, April 24
 Ezra Zibel, son of Renee Gindi and Alan Zibel, May 8
 Nathan Liebman, son of Lis Davis and Dan Liebman, May 29
 Raffi Diamond-Berman, son of Jane Berman and Adam Diamond, June 5
 Adam Riker, son of Danielle Glosser and Howard Riker, June 12
 Ruthie Meytin, daughter of Rachel and Sarah Meytin, October 23


 Charlotte Goldberg, daughter of Joshua and Sara Goldberg, February 15
 Karenna Seltman, daughter of Paul Seltman and Jeanne Ireland, March 14
 Azaria Hileman-Shashoua, son of Yvonne Shashoua, March 21
 Emily Suddleson, daughter of Marc Suddleson and Molly Surden, March 28
 Nathan Suddleson, son of Marc Suddleson and Molly Surden, March 28
 Marco Ehrman, daughter of Danielle Ehrman, April 25
 Boaz Levone, son of Kim and Wylie Levone, May 23
Doron Kefer, son of Jennifer and Joshua Kefer, September 5
Abraham Laufer, son of Alex Laufer and Jennifer Siegel, October 10
Cyrus Blumenthal, son of Gideon and Lisa Blumenthal, November 14
Nava Klar, daughter of Dori and Shemaya Klar, November 21
Jordan Hope, son of Erik and Gayle Hope, December 5


• Amira Handwerker, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Handwerker, January 26
• Sonya Rubin, daughter of Hannah and Howard Rubin, February 16
• Jacob Gotthelf, son of Michael Gotthelf and Rachel Vile, February 23
• Samuel Gryziak, son of Richard Gryziak and Sandi Verbois, March 2
• Jessica Cohen, daughter of David and Elana Cohen, March 9
• Ely Snow, son of Aaron and Reva Snow, May 4
• Hannah Burd, daughter of Laura Schiavo and Stephen Burd, June 1
• Anna Bressler, daughter of Rachel and Steven Bressler, September 21
• Juliet Acosta, daughter of Luis Acosta and Karen Levin, November 2
• Coby Meytin, son of Rachel and Sarah Meytin, November 16
• Isaac Kritz, son of Amy and David Kritz, November 23


Thu, January 28 2021 15 Shevat 5781