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Bar, Bat and Kabbalat Mitzvah - Upcoming and Recent


 Abigail Perlmutter, daughter of Adam and Jessica Perlmutter, February  4
 Leah Burd, daugther of Laura Schiavo and Stephen Burd, February 18
 Micah Kimelman-Block, son of Devorah and Jason Kimelman-Block, March 4
 Rebecca Hyman, daughter of Neil and Rachel Hyman, March 11
 Azariah Shashoua, son of Yvonne Shashoua, March 18
 Lev Werbow, son of Rabbi Michael and Melissa Werbow, April 29
Lyla Kofner, daughter of Aaron Kofner and Anat Shahar, May 6
 Mia Strollo, daughter of Michael and Michelle Strollo, May 13
 Eitan Shelef, son of Deborah and Noam Shelef, May 20
 Hannah Zibel, daughter of Renee Gindi and Alan Zibel, June 3

 Penelope Anderegg, daughter of Lisa Fogel Anderegg and Timoth Anderegg, June 10
Sophia Shettler-Marx, daughter of Jaclyn Shettler and Aaron Marx, June 24
 Asa Doherty, son of Robyn Altman and Brendan Doherty, September 2
Nathan Turner, son of Allison and Daniel Turner, October 14
Eloise Melsky Linden, daughter of Michael Linden and Rebecca Melsky, November 4


 Dinknesh Friedman, daughter of Naomi Friedman, April 2
 Alison Acosta, daughter of Luis Acosta and Karen Levin, April 9
 Leora Blumenthal, daughter of Gideon and Lisa Blumenthal, May 7
 Miriam Torrey-Coffidis, daughter of Adrienne Torrey and Joel Coffidis, May 21
 Hadar Apostolou, daugther of Aliza Marcus and Andrew Apostolou, June 18
 Amelia Goldberg, daughter of Sara and Josh Goldberg, September 3
 Anais Stackel, daughter of Genevieve Sapir and Gregory Stackel, September 17
 Micah Bailin, son of Heike and Sidney Bailin, October 22
 Llewellyn Craig, child of Laura and JC Craig, October 29
 Ilana Handwerker, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Handwerker, December 17


 Hillel Tulchin, son of Allan and Judy Tulchin, January 9
Adam Kofner, son of Aaron Kofner and Anat Shahar, February 6
 Lorelei Gryziak, daughter of Richard Gryziak and Leigh Verbois, March 20
 Bella Gotthelf, daughter of Michael Gotthelf and Rachel Vile, April 10
 Miriam Turner, daughter of Allison and Daniel Turner, April 24
 Ezra Zibel, son of Renee Gindi and Alan Zibel, May 8
 Helen Moorehead, daughter of Alex Kincannnon and Paul Moorehead, May 15
 Nathan Liebman, son of Lis Davis and Dan Liebman, May 29
 Raffi Diamond-Berman, son of Jane Berman and Adam Diamond, June 5
 Adam Riker, son of Danielle Glosser and Howard Riker, June 19
 Rachel Pitlick, daughter of Joshua Pitlick and Janet Blank, November 6

Mon, December 6 2021 2 Tevet 5782