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HiHo Machzorim Ordering - 2020

Welcome! Please answer some important questions below before proceeding.


Due to the virtual nature of the holidays, we want to be sure that each person is able to follow along with the services. To accomplish this, there are several ways one can view the Machzor this year:
  • You can  purchase a Machzor by clicking here.
  • TI can lend you a Machzor(im) to use for the holidays. These will be available for pick up at TI. (Information on pickup times will be available soon.)
  • TI can provide a link to a digital version of the Machzor.
  • Please note that hard copies will be available while supplies last. If we run out of hard copies, we will make a digital version available.
The office will contact you if we need the assistance.
Sat, May 15 2021 4 Sivan 5781