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Rabbi Seidel's Music

Rabbi Seidel was honored for 25 years at TI with a special gala during our 2017 centennial year. In honor of his anniversary, the rabbi created a special album that was given as a gift to gala attendees.  Please contact the TI office at to get a copy of the album.

Adon Olam in pop style
Adon Olam  in 7/8
Adon Olam new tune in 7/8
Adonai Melech for Rosh HaShanah
Bar Mitzvah Misheberach
Birka Erusin
B'rov Sarapai B'kirbi
Dina's Song
D'vai Haser V'gam Haron
Eem K'vanim Rachamenu
Ein Lanu Melech Ella Ata
El Nora Alilah
HaNerot Hallalu
Havdalah - 2 tunes
Ki Eshm'ra Shabbat
Kiddush - My Tune
L'dor Vador
Lishmo'a el HaRina
Mi Ya'amod
Misheberach for Aufruf

Tue, March 31 2020 6 Nisan 5780