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TI Refund Policy

Starting in December 2016 Tifereth Israel Congregation will implement the following refund policy.

Tangible Products/Goods:

  • No refunds will be issued, all orders are final.
  • These items include Lulav/Estrog, Wine, Books, Sunflower goods, Miscellaneous prepaid items, etc.

Events and Services:

  • Cancellation 7 days in advance for a full refund, no refunds after.
  • These services include events with fees like dinners and brunches.

Refund Methods:

  • For TI members and others with open charges on their account, money paid will be automatically credited to those other open charges.
  • For Non-members who do not have ongoing financial interactions with TI, refunds will be processed electronically via the original online payment method whenever possible.


Tue, August 20 2019 19 Av 5779