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Donation - Chametz Sale - 2017

Chametz (Leaven) Sale 2017

You may not ever have done this or think it is particularly important, but it is obligatory for every Jew to dispose of the leaven (chametz) in their household before Pesach. This form gives permission to Rabbi Seidel to sell your chametz to a non-Jew, and at the same time, if you like, make a tzedakah contribution.

Power of Attorney for the Sale of Chametz

I, the undersigned, fully empower and authorize Rabbi Ethan Seidel to act in my place and stead and, on my behalf, to sell any chametz possessed by me (knowingly or unknowingly) as of Monday, April 10, 2016 at 10am, including any food in respect of which there is a doubt or possibility that it might contain chametz, and any kinds of chametz mixtures.  Rabbi Ethan Seidel has my full authority to sell all chametz wherever it may be found, and to lease all places wherein said chametz may be found, by any transaction in any manner which he deems fit and proper, and for such time as he believes necessary, in accordance with the detailed terms and conditions set out in the agreed contract or sale which he will draw up. This authorization is made a part of that contract.

I also give Rabbi Ethan Seidel power and authority to appoint any proxy he deems fit in his place, with full power to sell or lease as provided herein. The above-given powers are to be exercised in conformity with Torah and Rabbinic traditions and practices.

** Please complete this form no later than Monday, April 10 by 9am.

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Check this box if you authorize Rabbi Ethan Seidel to act as your agent to sell, transfer, and assign all chametz of whatever kind and nature in your residence(s) and place(s) of business listed above or in any other place, without reservation and limitation?

Check this box if you also authorize Rabbi Seidel to rent all such localities within your property where said chametz is stored?

If you can make a donation to the Tifereth Israel Rabbi's Discretionary Fund to help with Ma'ot Chittim (Food for the poor), your generosity will be greatly welcomed. Please enter the donation amount here.

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Tue, 28 March 2017 1 Nisan 5777