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Helping Hands

TI members stand ready to provide meals, rides, and assistance with errands on a short-term basis for those in need because of new babies, illness or injury.  We support each other through life events - parenting, caring for aging parents, as well as losing a loved one.

If you would like assistance, contact Susan Catler and describe your needs. Please provide whatever details you feel comfortable sharing. This will help her find appropriate support for you.

If you want to volunteer, go to Lotsa Helping Hands. Once you have signed up, you will be alerted when someone needs assistance. You will be able to see the schedule and select a good time to volunteer. Here are some examples of assistance you might provide:

• Cooking meals for a family with a new baby or with other needs
• Providing a ride to a service or event at TI 
• Picking up groceries for a homebound congregant
• Visiting a congregant in need of some company

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