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Himmelfarb's Unique Approach

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Himmelfarb Curriculum 2020

We believe a strong Jewish identity can develop when concrete knowledge is transmitted. The path to this goal is marked by students' understanding of religious beliefs and traditions; their ability to practice religious observances in the home and in the synagogue; acquisition of the Hebrew language; and comprehension of the concepts of Tefillah—prayer.  

Gan Katan, Gan, Alef, and Bet

Each grade will cover the following subjects: Jewish Holidays, Parashat HaShavua and Jewish values. Each year our students learn new aspects and create unique projects relative to their age. 

The overall desired outcome of the Hebrew program is for students to have the skills to read Tefillah Hebrew by the end of the first quarter of the third grade. 

Gan Katan and Gan Hebrew Outcomes

By the end of the year students will be:

• Familiar with the shapes and sounds of the Hebrew letters and vowels
• Able to recognize and use 100 words in Hebrew equally split between Jewish ritual and everyday life

Alef Hebrew Outcomes

By the end of the year students will be:

• Able to name all the letters 
• Pronounce letters correctly with vowels
• Read words up to two syllables long and short sentences
• Able to recognize and use a total of 180 Hebrew words

Bet Hebrew Outcomes

By the end of the year students will be:

• Able to write Hebrew letters in print 
• Able to read short storybooks in Hebrew
• Able to recognize and use a total of 220 Hebrew word

Gimel Outcomes:

• Students will be able to describe their personal connection to the Jewish people
• Students will demonstrate understanding of who and what the Jewish people are
• Students will present their own families’ stories and demonstrate understanding of those stories do and do not connect to the Jewish community
• Students will demonstrate knowledge of basic Jewish symbols and rituals
• Students will be able to share their opinions on Mitzvot both between Hashem and humans and from person to person
• Students will demonstrate understanding of Israel’s place as the Jewish homeland and Jewish State
• Students will be able to describe what Hakarat HaTov is and the role it plays in Judaism
• Students will use Hakarat Hatov strategies when interacting with each other
• Students will share stories of what they and others have done to preserve Shalom Bayit in their households
• Students will share their opinions as to whether and why Shalom Bayit is a Jewish value
• Students will demonstrate understanding of telling the truth as a Jewish value
• Students will identify moments in Jewish history when a major character either told a truth or a lie, and what the consequences were
• Students will be able to describe their opinions on how God’s presence fits into and even influences their family life

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