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Annual Appeal 2018/5779

Thank you for making your donation to Tifereth Israel's Annual Appeal. Your generosity is vital for maintaining all of the programs our community values.

This year we will continue to offer the option of monthly giving. Giving smaller amounts each month can make donations easier for you and you can help TI all year long! Monthly sustaining givers are asked to make payments with an eCheck or credit/debit card. (We recommend eCheck because you will not pay a user fee.)

Of course, one-time pledges are always welcome. Please use the form below to make your donations, your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Members: Please log in to ShulCloud in the top of this page. If you are not logged in you can still donate, but you will not be able to bill to your account and will need to pay by credit card or eCheck today.

Need help? Contact the TI office at (202) 882-1605 x301 or email


Monthly Giving Option

To help the synagogue plan finances better, and help those of you who prefer smaller, more manageable monthly gifts, we offer a monthly giving option.

Simply enter the amount you would like to give each month, and then click the check box to use the same payment method each month. You can make the first payment today, and the office will set up the remaining 11 donations with the same payment method on approximately the same date each month.

One Time Pledges

Please enter your donation pledge below and then select to pay this today online or bill it to your account to pay later at your convenience.


Instructions on billing to your account:

Tue, June 25 2019 22 Sivan 5779