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Kadima/USY Membership

On behalf of the Tifereth Israel USY and Kadima chapter, we are so excited to welcome you to our family. Your time in Kadima and USY will consist of life long friendships, endless memories, and a love for Judaism like never before. From social action to Israel advocacy, you will enhance your skills as a Jewish leader and connect with thousands of teens across the country. “Like” our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, check your email for updates, and get ready for an awesome experience. It is with open arms, delicious snacks, and tons of enthusiasm that we welcome you to the new Tifereth Israel USY and Kadima, we promise you’re going to love it. Please reach out with any questions, comments, or feedback.

Friends. Family. Home.

Eliyah Lister, Chapter President
Adam Rosen, TI Youth Advisor

Participant Information (Part 1 of 6)

Remember, if you're signing up for basketball, you must also fill out the Seaboard regional basketball form by Friday, December 9:

Parent Information (Part 2 of 6)

Medical Information (Part 3 of 6)

Immunization Records

Please check all that apply and give vaccination dates where applicable

Additional Medical Information

Medical Insurance

Our policy is that no one under the age of 18 may participate in our program without proof of medical insurance coverage, including company name, policy number, etc.

The information on this form is accurate, complete, and all-inclusive, to the best of my knowledge. I understand the importance of keeping this information accurate and agree to contact the regional director prior to any regional program that my child will attend if there is a change of any kind whatsoever in their medical condition.

Emergency Contacts (Part 4 of 6)

In case of medical emergency, accident, or health problem where immediate treatment is deemed necessary, every effort will be made to promptly contact the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the child. In the event that they cannot be reached, I hereby give permission to a physician selected by the youth program, its employees, advisors, or agents to administer all necessary medical treatment to the child as named above. I am aware that this form may be copied for use by medical caregivers.

Kadima Authorizations and Releases (Part 5 of 6)

Please go over these forms with your child and digitally sign them together. We must have these forms on file when your child participates in chapter or regional programs.

I do hereby consent and agree to the participation of my child in all activities of the Tifereth Israel Kadima/United Synagogue Youth program.

I/we, the undersigned, understand that my/our child is obliged to conform to the Tifereth Israel Kadima/USY, Code of Conduct and that failure to comply with such Code of Conduct may serve as a basis for ejection from the activities being undertaken, without any refund.

I/we, the undersigned, hereby release and hold harmless Congregation Tifereth Israel, its participating members, employees and volunteers, from and against any and all claims arising from any injury or damage whatsoever to my child resulting from the participation hereby authorized, or any transportation associated therewith for any damages resulting from any such injury or damage.

I, the parent/legal guardian of the applicant, state that they are in good/normal health, has no physical or mental handicaps that would interfere with full participation in the program, and has my permission to engage in all available activities except as noted under restrictions or modifications below.

I have been made aware of the fact the events in which my child is participating may be photographed or filmed, and that the photographs or film taken may be used both for purposes of reporting on the event or for such other use as the chapter advisors may determine. I have no objection to the pictures or film collected being used at any time for promotional use.

Code of Conduct

In connection with USY and Kadima programs, including travel to and from this program, or any pre- or post-activities held in connection with the USY or Kadima program:

1. There is to be no smoking or vaping. There is to be no possession of cigarettes, e-cigarettes or any associated liquid or paraphernalia.

2. There is to be no possession or use of any narcotics, marijuana, illegal drugs or prescription drugs not prescribed for the user, or matches, firecrackers (or similar devices), knives, sharp or dangerous objects.

3. There will be no possession or consumption of any alcoholic beverages.

4. There will be no shoplifting or theft of any kind.

5. If a USYer/Kadimnik is caught in possession of/or found to have used alcohol or illegal drugs or is caught shoplifting and/or involved in theft of any kind, they will immediately be sent home at their parents’ expense. Furthermore USY International Policy states, "If a USYer/Kadimanik is apprehended for an infraction of the International Youth Commission's policy regarding drug and alcohol abuse or any other criminal offense (including, but not limited to, shoplifting) punishment for that offense will include suspension from USY/Kadima events (including, but not limited to, the International USY Convention and USY Summer Programs) for one year following the infraction. The USYer's Region reserves the right to impose additional sanctions in connection with this or any other improper behavior as it sees fit.”

6. At no time are males permitted in sleeping rooms or on floors occupied by females and at no time are females permitted in sleeping rooms or on floors occupied by males.

7. Each participant is expected to maintain proper decorum and attitude during the entire program. Disruptive behavior (including, but not limited to, inappropriate sexual behavior) will not be tolerated. Your parents will be responsible to pay for any damage you may cause.

8. No participant may leave the event except at such times as those specified by the schedule (if such times are specified) or with the express permission of the Tifereth Israel Youth Advisor or designated staff member. All participants must be at all scheduled programs and during specified free time, remain within boundaries set forth by the Tifereth Israel Youth Advisor or the designated staff member.

9. Each participant is expected to conduct him/herself appropriately as a Conservative Jew (including through observance of Shabbat and Kashrut), in accordance with the applicable standards of the Law and Standards Committee of the Rabbinical Assembly and/or the local Rabbinic Authority.

10. You are expected to adhere to the dress code as stipulated by USY Guide to Religious Practices.
  • Clothing on which profanity or inappropriate language, pictures, or symbols are written, printed, or depicted is prohibited.
  • Clothing cannot be made of see-through material and undergarments should not be visible.
  • Clothing, including bathing suits, should be of an appropriate length such that a person’s private areas are adequately covered and not accentuated.
  • To celebrate and mark the important distinction between Shabbat and the weekday, Shabbat dress attire is required on Shabbat.
  • Each participant is expected and encouraged to bring and use a head covering at appropriate times, and tallit and tefillin at shacharit (morning) services.
  • The USCJ staff member responsible for the program may determine that because of weather, location of event, or nature of the activity additional variations may be permitted or necessary.
11. The Tifereth Israel Youth Advisor and Education Director, reserves the right to search the belongings of any attendee if he/she has reasonable grounds to believe that such a search is necessary to secure the health, safety and/or welfare of the program and or its participants. USY also reserves the right to enforce other rules relating to the integrity of the program and/or the safety, health or welfare of its participants.

12. USCJ and USY have a ZERO tolerance policy regarding any activity that can be construed as bullying, hazing or harassment

By my signature, I certify that I have read the Code of Conduct (above). I will adhere to the program, observe the convention code, and will conduct myself in a manner reflecting credit upon my chapter, congregation, and community.

Internet Code of Conduct

We know that the Internet, when used wisely, provides many safe and positive ways to stay in touch with friends from USY and Kadima. We view Internet venues as your right to self-expression and generally have a favorable regard for them. Once you identify yourself as a member of the USY/USCJ community in a social networking profile, website, group page or weblog (“blog”), or use the USY/USCJ name, logo or any official photograph or text, everything and anything that you post or say in that medium can then be seen as a reflection of USY/USCJ. That is why we require you to observe the guidelines below. We established these guidelines to assure that USY/USCJ remains an emotionally and physically safe environment for all staff, participants, and families.

As a participant on a USY program, I agree to be respectful of USY/USCJ and its programs, participants, and employees in all communications in my e-mails, IMs, social media profile, blog or other Internet sites. As such, I agree to the following:

  • I will not share or post e-mails, blogs, images or Internet content that are cruel, demeaning, disrespectful or intentionally hurtful to a member of the USY/USCJ community.
  • I will not post comments that are derogatory with regard to any individual’s race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or any other group protected under applicable federal, state or local law.
  • I will not engage in harassment or intimidation or posts that present USY/USCJ programs, their participants or their staff negatively.
  • I will not share, send or post material of a sexual nature, or which includes nudity, violence, drug or alcohol use, illegal actions delinquent behavior, destruction of property, harassment or intimidation or any activity against the program rules.
  • I will not post photographs that compromise anyone’s privacy or that are used to demean, humiliate or otherwise embarrass anyone.

Payment (Part 6 of 6)

To help support the growth of our chapter, provide dynamic programming, and ensure all of our teens are supported in their Kadima and USY journeys, TI USY collects mandatory membership dues. These dues allow TI to maintain membership in Kadima and USY, allow our teens to attend international and regional programming, and ensure all in-house events can be offered free of charge to all members.

The 2018-2019 dues for Kadima and USY are $36.00.

Please use our online payment system to complete your application and ensure your child can participate in all programming.

We understand that financial assistance might be helpful to our members in making Kadima and USY more accessible to TI members. Limited scholarships and payment plans are available. Please contact for more information.

I'd like to make a donation to Tifereth Israel Kadima/USY. This enables active Kadimaniks and USYers to attend chapter and regional programs, enhances programming opportunities throughout the year, and provide subsidies for families in need of financial assistance.

I'd like to make a donation to the creation of the TI Youth Lounge. Funds are being collected to help furnish and decorate a fun, safe, and brave space for TI youth to call their own. All funds donated here will be given directly to making our teens' dream of having this special space become a reality.


Wed, May 27 2020 4 Sivan 5780