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TI DAY - Cocktail and Mocktail Lesson

   How many people will attend the Pre-Gala Cocktail and Mocktail Lesson?

There is no charge for participating in the Pre-Gala, Cocktail and Mocktail Lesson.

Donations are welcome!

Make your participation more meaningful by participating in the "Shots on the Bimah" Challenge:

This one is not for the TI teetotalers. Do you enjoy a nip of whiskey on Purim, Simchat Torah, or during the occasional kiddush luncheon? Support TI's enthusiasm for the distilled arts and prepare for your pre-gala cocktail lesson by making a gift to TI. Gifts totaling up to $540 will become a "double shot" thanks to the generosity of Judah Flum & Lisa Itkin!
Fri, May 29 2020 6 Sivan 5780