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A huge thank you to everyone who made donations for TI Day!

You generously committed $30,000 to support the TI services and programs we all love.
Still want to donate? It's not too late! Make a gift to any of the giving challenges today.


Thank you for showing your support for TI by participating in our TI DAY Giving Challenges! You can give to one challenge or donate to many. You can give all at once or keep coming back to this page as you feel inspired to give. All donations will support TI’s general budget, which funds all our programs and activities. Thank you for your generosity!

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“Tots to Teens”

Does your family participate in TI’s Tot or Youth programming? Do you have fond memories of Shultime, Tot Shabbat, Purim carnivals, or the Himmelfarb classrooms? Do you love seeing little ones parading around the building with their stuffed Torahs or teens throwing paper airplanes off the balcony during Simchat Torah?

Make a gift to support all the ways TI supports our youth and help unlock an additional $3,000 in matches from the Goldberg, Gryziak/Verbois, and Tabak families! (Ruth, Gabe, Liora & Mira are off to new adventures in Oregon, so this challenge is also a great way to thank them for all their years of service to the TI community!)

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“Shots on the Bimah” 

This one is not for the TI teetotalers. Do you enjoy a nip of whiskey on Purim, Simchat Torah, or during the occasional kiddush lunch? Support TI’s enthusiasm for the distilled arts and prepare for your pre-gala cocktail lesson by making a gift to TI.

Gifts totaling up to $1,080 will become a "double shot" thanks to the  generosity of Judah Flum & Lisa Itkin and Eti & Paul Roitman Bardack!

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“Monday Night Bored Meeting”

Several of TI’s Past Presidents issued this challenge in honor of the work the Board of Directors does to support our TI community. If you’ve ever been a board member (or ever felt grateful to not be a board member!) make a gift to recognize all of those meeting hours.

Your support will help us unlock an additional $3,790 in funding for TI thanks to Paul Bardack, Susan Catler, Joel Cohen, Howard Gleckman, Bruce Heppen, Iris Lav, John List and Chris Zeilinger!

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"TI Needs Dough"

What would TI be without food? Whether you love to bake or just love to eat, giving to this challenge will fill your heart with the warmth and comfort of freshly baked goodies.

Donations up to a total of $1,080 will double in size thanks to the generosity of Jessica Weissman & Louise Kelley, Varda Fink, and Sheryl Gross-Glaser.

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The kings and queens of Purim comedy put forth a challenge! If you enjoy a good laugh and are grateful for TI's love of a comedy, this is your time to show it.

Donations totaling up to $3,332.37 ensure we'll all be doubled over for years to come thanks to Stan Dorn & Carla Ellern,  Jared Garelick & Ellen Kramerow, the Levone Family, and Larry Paul. And if you are sick of the Purim spiels, you should still donate, only this group won't match it. Ha!

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Battle of the TI Word Wizards: Rabbi Seidel vs. Julius

At noon, Rabbi Seidel and Julius Cohen faced off in a high-stakes game of Scrabble. People declared their favorite by making a donation to either Team Seidel or Team Julius. The game is over (Julius won) but you can still 'place your bet'!

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"Round the Bases"

Step up to the plate. TI has no shortage of baseball lovers (and with good reason - Go Nats!).  Did you know that your baseball cap can serve as a legitimate head covering? If you are a fan of both TI and baseball, contribute well into extra innings.
A baseball-loving family will do "double plays" with your generosity.

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All donations will support TI’s general budget, which funds all our programs and activities. Thank you for your generosity!

"Battle of the TI Word Wizards" Challenge
Root for Team Seidel
Root for Team Julius


Tue, December 1 2020 15 Kislev 5781